There Are Two Types of Success in Design

Moritz Petersen, a freelance web designer from Germany, highlights that he develops websites that convince not only Google, but also customers.

Why have you decided to step into design field? 

For me, stepping into the design field has been a process which started in my childhood. My dad is an industrial designer, so I think an eye for aesthetic was already laid in my cradle. 

Over time, I got really obsessed with Apple and I desperately wanted to learn and understand the process behind creating these products, both concerning the product itself but also the whole machinery around it (Marketing, Website, etc.). At some point I got interested in web design and since then I’ve got more and more into it. It did not take long till I’ve got my first client project and from there I kept learning and improving my skills.


What inspires you and why?

It’s safe to say, that one of my biggest inspirations is Apple. For me they are the essence of simple and well functioning design. Though I draw inspiration from so many other great things floating around the internet. It is important to stay up-to-date and to be open-minded when going through this world.

It is important to stay up-to-date and to be open-minded when going through this world.

How do you measure the success of your design?

First of all, I think there are two different types of success in design. 

The first type is subjective success. The most important thing for me is that I’m satisfied with what I’ve created. If the design I created lives up to my own expectations then that’s already success and lays the ground for the second type – Objective success.

This means that not only I am satisfied with the outcome but also my client and ideally my client’s clients. This can be measured in numbers like for example conversion rate.

If these two types of success come together, everyone is happy.


What is your biggest challenge in design creation process?

For me that’s the process itself, if that makes sense. Every design process starts with a problem to be solved and developing the solution is never a straight way.


What principles do you follow when creating attention grabbing design? 

I try to find the simplest working solution for a problem. I have the ambition to my design that it is easily understood and focused. In most cases this means a minimalistic approach, so I work with a lot of space, clear hierarchy and consistency.

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