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Our team decided to interview the most intrigue creators on good design and test their works with Attention Insight platform. It predicts how user’s attention distributes in design. Hope, these short talks will inspire you and give some useful insights on catchy design. Enjoy!

Glad to introduce you to a man orchestra – George Hopson. He is a Graphic / Web Designer, Illustrator, Brand Strategist, Art Editor and Videographer, based in Temecula, CA.

Why have you decided to step into design field? What inspires you and why?

While I was in the military, I study art and the periods that help define art into different form. It was the influences of art that got intrigued with design. I was fascinated how shapes, colors, typography and music made a difference in communicating that Coca Cola was refreshing and the golden arches of McDonalds represented the best hamburgers. I wanted be a part of that revolution of speaking to others in such a way. What intrigues me about design that it can take many forms to convey the same message.

George Hopson 1
George Hopson 1D
George Hopson 2
George Hopson 2D

How do you measure the success of your design? 

How I convey the success of design is it speaks to others.

What is your biggest challenge in design creation process?

My biggest challenge in design creation process is the ideation when the client doesn’t give enough information to development brand story.

What principles do you follow when creating attention grabbing design?

The principles that I follow to create an attention grabbing design are the following:

  • Is the design innovated?
  • Does the design speak to the target audience?
  • Does the design work for the client needs?
  • Is the design going to memorable?
George Hopson 4
George Hopson 4D
George Hopson 3
George Hopson 3D

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