Minimalist Web Design

Nicole Wolf is a UI Designer / Front-end Developer from Germany who is interested in clean and modern minimalist web design.

Why have you decided to step into design field? What inspires you and why?

I’ve always been creative and wanted to express my thoughts. That’s why I started creating creative photos in Photoshop early on. This way I came into design more and more. And now I just love to be part of a great UI Design.


How do you measure the success of your design?

I would say, it’s a successful design, if it is working without bugs and is understandable. 

What is your biggest challenge in design creation process?

To design exactly what the customer imagines. It can be very difficult, if you can’t understand what the customer wants. Also, it is challenging to build fancy things that are difficult to understand for the users.


What principles do you follow when creating attention grabbing design? 

It depends on what should be emphasized. But I always focus on big pictures, minimalist design, expressive eye-grabbing buttons. Besides, the whole concept should look harmoniously.

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