How to use Attention Insight Platform

Attention Insight is a visual attention prediction algorithm based on deep learning. In simple words, it’s a more accurate, affordable and faster automated eye-tracking study. Within minutes, a platform predicts where users will look while engaging with your design – for example, a website landing page. Besides, Attention Insight platform is very simple to use.

STEP #1 Create an account

Then you will get the confirmation email to activate your account.

STEP #2 Get credits for a research

To analyse your designs you need credits. New user has 5 free credits for the initial test cases. 1 credit – 1 design study. Ran out of credits? Login into your account, on the top right go to Credits section and choose one of the suggested plans or simply purchase as many credits as you need.

STEP #3 Create a study

  • On the top right choose a green button + Create.
  • Enter a Study name and upload images that you want to study (max 50 per 1 study).
  • On the top right choose Next.
  • Draw areas of interest (those you want to draw user attention to) by dragging rectangles on each image. Once you draw a rectangle, press Add. Also, you can add a name of marked area, for example Logo, Title, Call-to-action. All chosen areas will be marked by a red line.
  • Once all objects you want to test are marked in all uploaded images, choose Submit. That’s it, your study has been created.

STEP #4 Analyse results

In 2 minutes you will get a visual representation of how user’s attention distributed in design.

  • Heatmaps use different colors to depict the amount of fixations for different parts. Warm colors (red and yellow) represents which areas attracted more attention.
  • Areas of interest: a platform calculates the percentage (%) of attention that objects got and lets you to evaluate their performance.

You can analyse the results online or download it (on the top right choose a green button Download Study). You will be able to reach all your created studies anytime, anywhere –  just login into your account. 


STEP #5 Improve your design

After you identify visual attention errors, make small changes to your design. The beauty is that it doesn’t have to be a big change. Sometimes it’s as easy as increasing the size of the most important text, changing the background picture or the colour of the website elements.

Let’s say your CTA button is not standing out. You can increase the contrast between background and colour to achieve better results. 

In the example below, after adding a CTA button instead of active link, attention to CTA has increased 4 times.

To sum up, Attention Insight study lets you identify visual attention errors  get insights on user’s attention shifts and make data-based improvements to your visual content. Within minutes you are able to see design through the eyes of users.


A quick walkthrough video

Have questions? Our team is here to help – shoot an email to hi@attentioninsight.com with any questions you have!

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