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See design through the eyes of users
Attention insight platform predicts, where users will look while engaging with content.

It lets identify visual attention errors and get insights on user’s attention shifts without data collection.
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How to analyse design?

A visual representation of how user’s attention distributed in design. Heatmaps use different colors to depict the amount of fixations for different parts. Warm colors like red and yellow represents which areas attracted more fixations.

AOI represent objects that user wants to test in design. It calculates the percentage (%) of attention that object got and enables user to evaluate the performance of two or more objects on the same website. Also when implementing  A/B tests enables users to compare the performance of different variations of the same object design. AOI are set by user when the test is created in the system.


Artificial intelligence

A system is based on deep learning and trained with previous eye tracking studies data.

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